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BASELWORLD 19th March 2015 to 26th March 2015 
Our Offer
Do you currently have an apartment in Basel (or in the surrounding area) that you wish to sub-let for the duration of Basel’s International Trade events BASELWORLD and Art Basel
Swisswelcome.ch is a leading provider of housing solutions in Basel and the surrounding areas. We hold our relationships with our local Housing Partners in the highest regard and commit to procuring and maintaining a fair and equal relationship with substantial benefit to all parties. We distinguish ourselves through our high quality of work and continued success exhibited by years of loyalty from our Housing Partners.
Our partners take advantage of our extensive international experience as an accommodation provider and our existing customer network. Our international focus connects us with customers from all walks of life, internationally and locally and all of our services are not only available in English and German but also in a variety of other Foreign Languages.
We can present you with the following offer:
• Rental of your home to representatives of reputable and highly respected international organizations.
• The drawing and negotiation of all contractual agreements and administrative requirements.
• The highest possible rental returns.
• Daily property inspections
• Processing of all payment transactions with many international financial institutions.
• Provision of all Towels by Swisswelcome.ch
To enquire about offering your apartment for rent during these events
please fill out our Application Form (German)